My Name is Tina , My Website is to make people happy and to just smile I wanted it to be different it’s suppose to be unique an inspiring. I hope it does that for everyone Surfing the internet. I have five very special people in my life  that pulls me through the hard times . If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have made it through all the rough stuff in life. They will always and forever be my rock.  Because of them ,they inspired me to make this website I hope they know how much they have helped me and how much I appreciate them.  I love and cherish them with all my heart.  They are my two Beautiful daughters who I hope they know how proud I am of them.  Felicia , and Melinda. And my two grandkids mason and Elena these two kid are what really keeps me going lol 3 and 4. I could not live without these two kids I have been so blessed to have them in my life they make me so happy . And my mother who has been through everything and still has the strength to go on she is the best mother in the world. And my dad who passed away in 2009 he will always inspire  me and he is what pulls me out of the hard times to go on . I miss him everyday. He is my angel. I really hope everyone has someone they inspire and to help get them through the bad times. When your feeling down go to my website and I promise I will make you smile.